How To Write Article To Newspaper?

Writing is an activity which is very confusing for beginner. Because of writing, we must have specific skill. Therefore, we must often exercise to write something which is loved by us. For example, we begin to write our biographies and we can also write about our experiences. It is good step to begin writing article to be sent to editor of newspaper.

Articles in newspaper have specific characteristic so that we have to adapt to their characteristics. To write article, we must always follow recent developments. Therefore, we are always hoped to read newspaper everyday to know the development. If we seldom read, we will have little knowledge, little vocabulary, and others.

Before we write article, we must always read, so that we will have many knowledges and vocabularies. With reading everyday, we can follow recent development in this country. Because articles in newspaper have many requirements, we can fulfill the requirement. However, standard of article must agree with grammar and original.

Writing in newspaper has some advantages i.e. 1) you can have many knowledges especially about recent developments in this country, 2) you can be acquainted by public because your article can be read by public, and 3) you can obtain a fee from editorial. Therefore, it is important something if your article can be published by newspaper.

Therefore, I will try to give some tips about how to write article in newspaper. This is my experiences which is still done by me. Some articles which have been written by me in newspaper are "Mengkritisi SNMPTN 2013" and "Urgensi Kesiapan Guru". You can see the article with clicking the link which exists in the phrase. It is a example before you begin to write article. Some steps to write the article will be described following paragraph.

The first, you must read newspaper diligently to know recent development and to identify about how to arrange statement, sentence and phrase in newspaper. The step is very effective to identify good article which is published in the newspaper.

The second, you can try to write about some problems which are extended in newspaper in this country. The problems generally are about public. Therefore, you must be hoped to provide the masalah importance and you can give the masalah solving. If you can not give the masalah solving, you can provide expectation about the problems to government.

The third, writing in the newspaper must be written simply, briefly, and goodly. Because of article in newspaper, it doesn't like lavish sentence. The articles in newspaper usually are about 5000 up to 8000 characters. Therefore, your article can be read easily and understood goodly by reader.

The steps are simple tips which can be applied in writings. If you want to be a good writer, you must often exercise to write article and send to editor in newspaper. You don't know what your article is good or bad, therefore, the editor will provide value about your article. Good article exactly will be published in newspaper. Good luck.

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