How To Increase Student Achievement?

Achievement is a hope for all students who are studying in the school. However, to get an achievement, it is not easy because we have to compete with our friends in the study, and we are hoped seriously to achieve it. In principle, the achievement does not only derive the first rangking or high score in our classes, but also obtain wide knowledge.

High score is not meaning whatever if we can not know what we have already studied. Many experiences show that smart man is still lose with lucky man. Unfortunately, no one can derive same luck without hard efford, therefore we can only endeavor and don’t until surrender, because we will become a loser.

A student is said sucessful if he can derive his achievement. To implement all requirements to get achievement is so difficult, it can be achieved if student really has high credibility toward his capabilty. Many cases show that student just has capabilty but doesn’t have credibity, so that he dosn’t have spirit in his study, and finally his achievement is not derived. On the contrary, if he only has credibility but doesn’t capability, he will become over confident, so that maybe he does’t get sucess which is wanted by him.

Some problems
Problems are often emerging whenever and wherever we are studying in the school either lesson or other things. The problems usually make us confused, and then we are emphasized by the conditions. One of persoalan which is often felt by us is lazy, this character is difficult to be faced because we must have high awareness and try to change seriously.

A friend can also play important role in this matter because best friend is a person who can colaborate with us, assist when we get difficulty, and remember us when we are doing mistake. If we are wrong when we choose a friend, we will also get obstacle in our studyings. Relationship with our parents also give good contribution to progress in our studyings, so that main persoalan is if we can not relate finely, it can cause bad achievement.

Many cases know that student becomes naughty because he is not noticed by his parent, there are also naughty student because he fells free without attention from his parent, and tendency of student becomes lazy to study because he is emphasized by his parent, etc.

As a teacher, he must provide much attention to his student because the teacher is a public figure where all his activities are exactly imitated by his student. So, a good teacher must not have high competence, but he have to feel patient, friendly, and lovely. When a teacher has the character, student will become obedient to his teacher.

On the contrary, a teacher who is arrogant, angry, and not care to his student will be hated by all students. Sometimes, misunderstand between teacher and student also occurs because they don’t have good interaction, where student fells that he is never noticed by his teacher on his achievement. In addition, a teacher has to support student’s activity in his studying because student will feel spirit if teacher also contribute and provide good guidance to student.

As a student, he must show that he has capabilty in the study. Integrrity and credibility have to be built since old time, where a student as agent of change can create new something and can use his time finely to learn intensively. Supporting morality from friends provides contribution to expand his knowledge and give confidence to compete toward other nations. This is an advanced level where student must study hard to get an achievement.

Reading, writing, and discussing must be often done by student because his knowledge will become up to date, and he will be smarter than before. However, each effort always is not perfect and often doesn’t agree with our hopes, so that we must always realize itu.

Some efforts
Followings are some efforts to get an achievement in your study: (i) diligent, this is very important thing beacuse, if we are doing everything diligently, we will usually feel happy to derive homework from our teachers or lecturers; (ii) patient, no one can keep patient when we gets pressure in our studyings, for example, student has to wait a lecturer as long as hours to consult minithesis, thesis, and dissertation whereas, if we can keep patient, we will finish fastly whitout obstacle; (iii) responsible, each activity which is faced by us has to be done with responsibility because we will feel seriously to finish it; (iv) pray, don’t forgent to pray to God! because all activities will not perfectly be obtained without assisting God; (v) consistent, when we are doing useful something, we have to do consistently, so that we will accustome with the activity; and (vi) spirit, this is so important to be applied in our lives everyday so that all our activities will be beuatifull.

We don’t know condition in the future but we can only effort and pray as well as possible. As long as wes can use our times effectively, we have to use seriously so that we don’t regret in the future. We are created in the World to think about our lives, and sometimes we are given one problem, so that we can solve it with our capabilities. Actually everyone wants to live happy but they effort only little.

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